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One of the major factors a player considers when selecting an online casino other than the selection of Bitcoin games, Bitcoin bonus features, and customer support is the strong presence of security. With the advent of deceptive platforms that take advantage of the players, it has been a difficult task for customers to trust online casinos. However, this changed as soon as the Bitcoin payment system entered the iGaming market.

The digital currency gambling era has brought upon innovations that are unmatched by traditional casinos, one of which involves the presence of a provably fair system. This feature is exclusively endemic to Bitcoin-powered casinos.

Should you wish to explore the world of cryptocurrency gambling, it is vital that you consider a provably fair Bitcoin casino.

NASCasino’s provably fair feature contributes to the foundation of trust it constructed. Without the presence of this system in a Bitcoin casino, the essence of safety is insufficient. Thankfully, the developers of the brand have made it a point to emphasize on this particular characteristic of the platform, making it a bona fide provably fair Bitcoin casino.

Moreover, this feature is the answer to the prayers of the gambling community, and this alone gives NASCasino a running edge over its competitors.

Grasping the ins and outs of this system may take some time, especially for players who are new to Bitcoin casinos. However, it is not mandatory for a player to fully understand the concept to be able to utilize the method.

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What is Provably Fair?

It is very easy for an online casino to gain an upper hand on the players, and that is why the dawn of Bitcoin saw the introduction of a provably fair system, which eliminates the occurrence of online casinos cheating.

From a layman’s point of view, it is a mechanism that obstructs both the player and the dealer to cheat in any kind of game—be it dice, slots or card games. This system ensures the legitimacy of draws, rolls, or the random number generator of a particular platform.

Cryptographic hashes play a monumental role here, where it methodically converts data into strings. These converted strings, known as hashes, are composed of a collection of alphanumeric variables. In addition, these hashes are almost impossible to decrypt even with the most advanced technology today. As a result, extracting the data within these hashes is near impossible.

Provably fair dissected

Nevertheless, for those who wish to delve deeper into the complexity of this system, here are the basic elements constructing a provably fair system.

Provably fair is a tool employed by majority of Bitcoin casinos. The algorithm analyzes and verifies fairness of service providers. It allows bettors to make sure that the operator did not tamper the results of its random number generator.

This system relies on cryptographic hashes, which allows users to turn data into a string, known as a hash. One distinctive aspect of this method is the difficulty of deriving the original data from the hash, or multiple hashes.

In addition, it is an ideal technique for the gambling industry since it permits the players to verify the authenticity of each roll—or draw in the case of card games. This is a clever way to prove to customers that the dealer did not change the seed within the duration of a game, without having to show the seed to the player.

Provably fair Bitcoin casino platforms halt the opportunity to know the outcome before it is even dealt, giving peace of mind to online bettors who are still hesitant of the system.

The following variables are of paramount importance to properly execute the provably fair method:

Provably fair dissected

Relying on cryptographic hash functions that turns data into a string, called a hash, these hashes contain mathematical problems that are very difficult to solve. If solutions are provided, a backward test can be done to see if the solution will match the hash.

Cryptographic hash functions allow the casino to prove that no alterations are made with the seed during the game, without showing the player the seed.


Extra string of characters added to the hash which modifies the mathematical problems. These are provided to both the server and client through the use of a random number generator using your browser. Server seeds are supplied by the gaming platform, while client seeds are given by the player.

No fixed formula is used to describe a provably fair system. Dice games will use different calculations than that of blackjack, slots, or other card games. Typically, each cryptocurrency gambling site will employ different provable fair methods for the variety of Bitcoin casino games.


Of several implementations of this method, this is the commonly used for most dice games to ensure fair rolls:

      1. Server creates a secret random seed, hashes it, and then sends it to the player before the roll is made. The secret hash is encrypted and cannot be calculated beforehand
      2. The client will then generate a random seed that can be changed if preferred, and incorporate it to the hash the casino delivered.
      3. Both seeds are then used to calculate the rolls result
      4. The server seed is then revealed to the player which can be used for calculation. If it matches the hash, then it is considered provably fair.

Furthermore, there are instances where daily secrets are given to the players, which act as a substitute, or in combination with the server seed.

Its functions are similar to what a server seed does. Mainly, the idea is that this is unknown to the player when a roll or draw is performed. The daily secret is revealed at the end of the day, and is used for every roll or draw that took place during the day.

In conclusion, this breakthrough provides bettors with something that was never possible with traditional online platforms, more so brick-and-mortar casinos. It is now possible to ensure the honesty of a gambling site, without relying on their statements alone.

Because of the availability of provably fair Bitcoin casino brands such as NASCasino, it greatly affects the virtual currency gaming industry in a positive way, while granting players with a safe gaming environment.

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