Bitcoin Roulette

Roulette is a classic game that never ceases to amplify the excitement of bettors. Coupled with the advent provably fair Bitcoin casino games, Roulette is a gambling activity that easily made its way into the list of offered games on NASCasino’s extensive selection of iGaming activities.

With straightforward rules, this game is simple and easy to grasp, making it attractive to both rookie and seasoned bettors. Nonetheless, it is also one of the most exciting games Bitcoin gambling has to offer.

To add diversity into this popular casino game, NASCasino propelled it with the advantages of Bitcoin payments and multiple gameplay variations. This provides bettors with the option to select a type that will suit their playing style the best.

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Typically, the objectives of Bitcoin Roulette games remain the same regardless of the type. It is played by placing bets on a numbered table layout, which values corresponds to that of the Roulette. Wagers are placed on the layout predicting the number that will be spun on the Roulette wheel. Numbers also have assigned colors in either red or black.

It is divided into several rounds or spins, with each player placing wagers on the table layout that features different fields that allow a number of combinations to be selected. These combinations are divided into two, outside and inside bets.

Outside Bets

  • • Red or Black
  • • Even or Odd
  • • Dozen Bets
  • • Column Bets
  • • 1 to 18
  • • 19 to 30

Inside Bets

  • • Single Number
  • • Double
  • • Street
  • • Double Street
  • • Corner or Square
  • • Trio

However, there are a few rules that players should be aware of when playing Bitcoin Roulette. This depends on the type of game selected, which involves the following:

French Roulette

This type brings the variation of the original Roulette game dating back to the 18th century. French Roulettes differ from the other classifications as it features a different table layout.

The numbers included within the French Roulette ranges from 1 to 37, and a green slot numbered 0. This variation of Roulette that presents only one zero pockets—as opposed to the American Roulette that has 2—resulting to a lower house advantage.

In addition to this, the French Roulette features a ‘la partage’ option, which presupposes the return of even-money bets in their half amount of the ball lands on zero.

European Roulette

Possibly the most popular form of this game is the European Roulette. There are 37 slots numbered from 1 to 36 and a zero. The objective stays the same where bettors predict where the ball will land. This is the essence of the game and getting the right number will deliver players with a sizeable amount of bitcoins especially if mated with the Bitcoin casino promotions of the site.

American Roulette

Unlike the aforementioned Bitcoin Roulette variations, American Roulette brings out 38 slots where the ball can land. This includes black and red slots that are numbered from 1 to 36, and two green slots numbered zero and double zero.

Moreover, the double zero slot is the main peculiarity of the American Roulette game that makes it different from the European and French Roulette that houses only one zero slot.

If you wish to increase the credits in your bankroll alongside thrilling Bitcoin Casino Games, these simple Roulette games can be your gateway toward fruitful wagers.

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