March 2016

Johnny Octopus 3D slots game

NAS Casino are proud to announce the release of The Octopus Treasure slots game by SoftSwiss

Octopus Treasure by SoftSwiss is the world’s very first WebGL based online slots game. This is the technology that delivers real 3D graphics across multiple devices and platforms. All you need is a WebGL enabled browser.

Octopus Treasure Bitcoin Slots Game was built from the ground up in HTML5. The bitcoin slots game works equally well on Desktop and Mobile browsers. The realistic sounds and reel speed creates an environment and feels a bit like scuba diving in your hom;). Don’t forget to come up for air!

Johnny Octopus slots

Johnny Legless (as he was known when he still roamed the seas) retired, guarding his octopus treasure. In this game you need to tame the Kraken. The game has that real “underwater pirate” feel with the most realistic “bubbles” ever. Reels have animated slot symbols. They include a hedgehog fish, treasure chest, sea horse, sea turtle, oyster, lobster, eel and seaweed. Get 2 bonus symbols on reels 1 and 5 to trigger a win and get 10 Free Spins. Great sounds, cool graphics and exciting bonus features.

Johnny Octopus Newly Released at ICE Gaming

Johnny Octopus is a BRAND NEW RELEASE by SoftSwiss, now available on SoftSwiss unveiled the game at the prestigious ICE GAMING Expo in London, and NASCasino is the 1st bitcoin casino operator to make this bitcoin slots game available to players.

The release of Johnny Octopus turned many heads as this is bleeding edge tech. SoftSwiss are showing just how good they really are at creating fun and engaging slots.

GamePlay – Octopus Treasure

Johnny the Octopus features lively and engaging animation, taking full advantage of modern browser capabilities. With very few static elements in the game, all slot symbols are animated at all times. Notice the ocean bed is “alive” too! Tiny bubbles, swarms of plankton and the sun beaming through the ocean skyline, brings this bitcoin slots game to life.

One Click selection of betting amount and paylines, with a clean interface, makes this game super easy to play and enjoy on any device with a browser that supports WebGL.

The Octopus Treasure bitcoin slot is centered around Johnny the Octopus. Roaming the seven seas as an infamous pirate he collected a wealth of treasure. His brutal destruction knew no bounds. Johnny disappeared centuries ago, believed to have retired, keeping watch over his treasure. Will he share his fabulous treasures, only with those who dare play will find out.

Why dont you take a look at this great new game for yourself?! To play, go to the Slots games on

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