Facebook Fever promotion

FaceBook Fever Promotion

We would like to reward affiliates of the casino who help us by promoting the casino to their friends on Facebook. Please do not try to redeem this promotion if you do not have a genuine active Facebook profile with a history and friends. Please understand that this offer is to thank those affiliates who promote the casino to real people, if you have a fake profile, or one that is not active with real friends, we cannot reward you.

You can receive 25 free spins on selected slots games when you completed these three tasks:

  1. Like the nascasino.com facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/nascasino)
  2. Create and share your personal Affiliate link on your Facebook profile wall (http://www.nascasino.com/affiliate_profiles)
  3. Post review of one of the games you have played on NASCasino.com Facebook page wall.

This offer is repeated every month, but is limited to one award per month.

How it works

Once you have completed the 3 tasks, you need to contact us at the NAS Casino clubhouse. Provide the link to your Facebook profile so that we can verify that you have shared your affiliate link, liked our Facebook page, and posted your game review on our wall.

Our FaceBook marketing team will engage with you to review your posts and then give you a bonus code you can use to claim 25 free spins every month.

For a breakdown of playthrough requirements, and the terms, click here


  1. The account from which post your review has to be active. Accounts with random one line updates will be ignored.
  2. You have to be a Friend of NASCasino.com, and you have to be a verified member of NASCasino.com having already used your deposit bonuses.
  3. Your facebook profile needs to be real. Management reserve the right to discard any player requests from accounts that does not appear to be real or can not be verified.
  4. You need a minimum of 150 Friends
  5. You must have made a real bitcoin deposit (min 0.01BTC) in the last 30days and have played through the balance at least once

* We do not engage with bonus hunters as they dilute the bonus pots available to real players and the FaceBook Fever Promotion is therefore solely at the descretion of management and can be refused without reason.

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