Agreement conditions

A player may not legally submit information about his login and password (access to account) to the third party or a knowbot. A participant is absolutely responsible for information safety of account and all the transactions which are hold. In case if account information (login, password) was given to the third party and hereof came to the Casino knowledge, the account can be blocked.

In order to avoid conflict situations the Casinos recommend you to keep the copies of Casino emails which confirm that you fulfilled transfer of funds to your account balance in casino.

In case you decided to refuse participation in the game after you have fulfilled transfer of funds to your account balance, you need to email a request with your login, password, the number of transaction which you want to cancel, and also your first name and last name. If you did not initiate this game, your refund request will be reviewed and fulfilled.
Each player is allowed to have only one account with each online casino. Casino administration reserves the right to require a player’s ID at any time. If emerged that a player has more than one account, all odd accounts will be blocked by the online Casino administration and no payments (including gain) will be hold as well as at the main account. If for some reasons a player needs to have more than one account, he must get the Casino administration permission in advance.
If several players (accounts) use the same credit card (e-wallet or other instrument of payment) number in the meantime for payment transactions, all these accounts will be blocked immediately and no payments (including gain) will be hold.
It is forbidden to play coordinating your actions with other players/ If the facts of participants’ agreement are revealed, their accounts will be blocked by the Casino administration immediately and their money on deposit are annulled without refund.
The Casino administration has the rule to check if participants follow these rules and legislative regulation at any time. If a Casino has doubts about legality of a player’s acts it reserves the right to refuse accepting players bets and also block a player’s account at any moment.

Participant must look through these rules at least once a month. If a player does not agree with these rules and can’t accept them, he may not legally process transactions, make bets, play in the online Casino, get bonuses and winnings.

The online Casinos are liable to make alterations in these rules any time without informing the participants.
The Casino administration is liable to inform participants about competitions, promotion actions and other events.
If player accepts the rules, it means he confirms that looked through this text and he is ready to keep all the rules mentioned above.

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