Legality of gambling

If you want to participate in Casino games, read the rules attentively. Your sign-up for casino automatically means that you have studied all the rule’s content attentively and accept them.

Only people who have reached the age of 18 years can participate in Casino games.
Online Casinos are not responsible for gamble law compliance effective in other countries (regions). For example, if a participant lives in the region where gamble is outlawed or is governed by current law all responsibility falls on the participant.

Any online Casino is liable to demand copies of participant’s identity documents (passport, driving licence) and a two-sided photocopy of player’s credit card (if he uses credit card to refill the balance of his account or to pull the funds). If the required photocopies will not be presented within 7 days, the Casino is liable to block the participant’s account.

Information about Casino players and their amounts of bet is confidential and is not given to the third party.


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